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Muslim gang jailed for attack on RE teacher 

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom  

Four Muslim men who brutally attacked a London Religious Education teacher have been jailed for a combined total of 19 years.

Gary Smith was ambushed on his way to work at Central Foundation Girls’ School, in Bow, Tower Hamlets, after the gang decided that his lessons were “mocking Islam and putting doubts in people’s minds”.

Country/Region: Europe, Ireland  

Ireland aims to be home of Islamic finance in Europe

Ireland has launched a bid to become the home of Islamic finance in Europe as it seeks to rebuild its once dominant financial services sector.

Country/Region: United Kingdom, Europe  

“BBC is anti-Christian”, according to its own survey

A survey conducted by the BBC shows that the Corporation is regarded as anti-Christian, with Christians often portrayed with “derogatory stereotypes” and presented as “weak” and “bigoted”.

Country/Region: United Kingdom, Europe  

UK universities “complacent” over Islamic extremism, Home Secretary warns

British Home secretary, Theresa May, has criticised universities for being “complacent” in tackling Islamic extremism and admitted that money from the £63 million anti-extremism budget has been given to groups that promote hardline beliefs.

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom  

New Bill to tackle Sharia Courts and discrimination against Muslim women

Sharia Courts in England and Wales will be committing an offence punishable by a five-year prison sentence if they falsely claim or imply legal jurisdiction over criminal or family law, under a new Bill introduced in the House of Lords yesterday.

Country/Region: United Kingdom, Europe, United States  

Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #24

Tower Hamlets petition Queen for “city”;
Fifty churches to host Quran readings across America;
Christians in the UK are being persecuted - MP;
Islamists “may continue on Olympic mega-mosque site”;
Prayer Points.

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom  

Islamists “may continue on Olympic mega-mosque site”

Separatist Islamist sect Tablighi Jamaat may continue to use the temporary mosque on the site of their proposed Olympic mega-mosque at West Ham, London, after a Government Planning Inspector overruled the local council’s eviction notice.

christian, persecution, charity, church, persecuted, sookhdeo, Islam

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  • Christians driven out of Maaloula by Islamist rebels long to return after its recapture by the Syrian army Thu, Apr 2014 16:37

  • Islamic parties make unexpected gains in Indonesian elections Wed, Apr 2014 16:46

  • Former counter-terrorism chief to lead inquiry into alleged Islamist takeover of Birmingham schools Tue, Apr 2014 17:01

  • Condemned Christian mother Aasia Bibi's appeal hearing- set for today- deferred for third time in Pakistan Mon, Apr 2014 16:03

  • "We should stand up against persecution of Christians" David Cameron in Easter speech Thu, Apr 2014 16:53

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  • Give thanks for the Christ-like responses of Christian leaders in CAR to the crisis that threatens them and their churches. They have distanced themselves from the anti-balaka militias, saying that these should not be labelled as Christian and that they hold no mandate from the churches. The leaders have also condemned the violence in the country, whatever its origin, and have called on Christians to pursue forgiveness, reconciliation and healing. Churches are hiding, defending and caring for thousands of Muslims endangered by the anti-balaka, and one of CAR’s most senior church leaders has invited the president of the country’s Islamic community to move into his church compound. Pray that this powerful witness to the grace and love of Christ will help to bring peace to the shattered country. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sat, Apr 2014 00:16

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