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Tagesgebet - Dienstag 07 Februar 2012 

Dank der Unterstützung des Barnabas Funds dürfen 22 Kinder von arabischen Christen in einem Land im Mittleren Osten eine christliche Schulbildung erhalten. Die staatliche Schulen dieses Landes befinden sich meist in einem erbärmlichen Zustand: Die Klassenzimmer sind überfüllt und die Schüler lernen nur durch mechanisches Auswendiglernen. Die Lehrer lehren den Islam und das Auswendiglernen langer Passagen des Korans ist Vorschrift. Nicht-muslimische Kinder werden oft offen benachteiligt und schlecht behandelt. Eine christliche Mutter sagte: „Mein Sohn ist so dankbar. Er war oft so frustriert aufgrund des staatlichen Lehrplans, doch nun ist er zum Lernen motiviert und geht gerne zur Schule.“ Loben wir Gott, dass diese christlichen Kinder die Möglichkeit haben, eine christliche Ausbildung zu erhalten und beten wir, dass sie zu reifen Gläubigen heranwachsen mögen.Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS

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Tagesgebet - Montag 06 Februar 2012

The protest in Cairo (see yesterday’s prayer point) was sparked by the destruction of St George’s Church in Aswan province on 30 September 2011. Muslims, angry about renovation work that was being car...


Tagesgebet - Sonntag 05 Februar 2012

At least 25 people were killed and hundreds injured when Christian protestors were brutally assaulted in Egypt on Sunday 9 October. Video footage showed military vehicles charging at Christians who we...


Tagesgebet - Samstag 04 Februar 2012

Ein Gemeindemitglied der Bether Injil Sepuluh Kirche in Solo auf der Insel Java in Indonesien beschrieb die schrecklichen Szenen nach einem Bombenanschlag auf die Kirche am 25. September. Ein Selbstmo...


Tagesgebet - Freitag 03 Februar 2012

Im Juni 2011 brach die Regierung Burmas den 17-jährigen Waffenstillstand mit der Kachin Independent Organisation, die den Kachin-Staat im Norden des Landes kontrolliert. Seither ziehen burmesische Sol...


Tagesgebet - Donnerstag 02 Februar 2012

“Believers have passion and joy in their hearts. We give thanks to God, for He has granted us hope and faith, has restored us from weariness, and has enabled us to trust Him alone,” says a recent stat...


Tagesgebet - Mittwoch 01 Februar 2012

Pray for a congregation in Tai’an, Shandong province, China, whose church building is facing demolition. Although the church belongs to the officially approved Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), pr...

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    • In December 2011 a Turkish newspaper reported a large-scale plot by al-Qaeda to bomb churches in the capital, Ankara, as well as other targets. It said that an official indictment had been issued against at least eleven alleged militants, which outlined their strategy to bring jihad to Turkey. Their materials reportedly included lists of the names and home addresses of church leaders and other Christian workers. Although Christians in Turkey have suffered only occasional incidents of violence in recent years, six have been killed, and the authorities have made several mass arrests of suspected al-Qaeda members and sympathisers. Pray that God will be the refuge and strength of His people in Turkey and will protect them from harm (Psalm 46:1). Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Tue, Apr 2012 00:00

    • An unofficial “committee for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice” has been launched in Tunisia. The new organisation is not recognised by the government, but no action has been taken to stop its activities. Its members have taken upon themselves to see that Islamic virtues are upheld in public life: they are aggressive towards women who do not abide by their dress code, and they are trying to impose imams with Islamist views on mosques and Quranic schools. Since the Islamist Ennahda party won the largest vote in the elections in October 2011, concerns have been raised that the country will move in an increasingly Islamist direction. Pray that this will not happen, and that the small Christian community in Tunisia will not come under even greater pressure. Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Mon, Apr 2012 00:00

    • Elderly members of a church in China were beaten to the ground when they tried to stop the destruction of their building. Developers had won government approval to demolish the church in Tai’an, Shandong province, even though the congregation belongs to one of the denominations approved by the authorities. Even the status of the buildings as protected, national, historical landmarks has been insufficient to save them from ruin. The unregistered “house churches” of China face the severest persecution from the government, but this incident demonstrates that even the rights of the official churches can be wantonly disregarded. Pray that God will comfort and strengthen the congregation in their distress; in their appeal to the government they said, “[We] have full confidence in the God whom we believe and in his words”. Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Sun, Apr 2012 00:00

    • “I believed in Jesus two years ago and after that my wife came to Jesus too. We are from a very difficult region for sharing the Gospel. This seminar encouraged us in our ministry and helped us to be strong in faith. I had many questions when I read the Bible and I have received answers to my questions.” This testimony comes from “Salman”, one of 40 church leaders in Tajikistan who attended a three-day study programme supported by Barnabas Fund. All of the leaders are converts from Islam. Pray for them as they seek to proclaim Christ and build up their churches in the face of tight government controls and hostility from Muslims. Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Sat, Mar 2012 00:00

    • Many Christians have been killed in the anti-government unrest in Syria, at the hands of both rebels and government forces. In one tragic incident a young Christian boy was killed by the rebels, who filmed the murder, while another Christian was seized and asked how he wanted to die. Many Christians have fled from one city where the violence has brought normal life to a halt, and they are now struggling to feed their families. Others are afraid to leave their homes to go to work. Barnabas Fund has sent aid to Christians in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Pray that the Lord will meet their needs and keep them safe in the midst of political turmoil. Klicken Sie hier und erhalten Sie unser Tagesgebet tu00e4glich per RSS Fri, Mar 2012 00:00

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