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Daily Prayer


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Daily Prayer

The Lord has promised, "I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint."
(Jeremiah 31:25)

Many Christians living in ongoing situations of discrimination and persecution are weary and faint, worn down by the year-in, year-out struggle to survive and the frustration of the injustices they suffer.

Help them to find strength and hope in God by praying for them, with us, daily.

Join with us daily in praying for the persecuted church around the world.

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Daily Prayer - Tuesday 20 May 2014 

Pray for Ali Touahir (52), a Christian convert from Islam in Algeria, whose Muslim wife has left him, taking their seven-year-old daughter with her. Give thanks that Ali gave his life to Christ in 2012, and pray for him as he faces strong opposition to his faith from his wife, Maktour Wahiba, and from her brothers, who persuaded her to seek a divorce through the courts and threatened to kill Ali for leaving Islam. Give thanks that Ali refused a judge’s suggestion that he renounce his Christian faith, and that his right to see his daughter was upheld. Pray for peace and strength for him in his distressing separation, and that he may be kept safe from harm.

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Daily Prayer - Monday 19 May 2014

Moves are being made in Iraq to encourage what remains of the nation’s vulnerable Christian minority to stay in the country. The governor of Basra has promised Christians a piece of land to cultivate ...


Daily Prayer - Sunday 18 May 2014

Give thanks to God that Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American pastor imprisoned in Iran, has been moved out of a ward for murderers into one for political prisoners and is receiving slightly improved tre...


Daily Prayer - Saturday 17 May 2014

Praise God that some Christians were able to escape the Old City in Homs in the evacuations that began in late January. The area, which was cut off for almost two years, was once home to 60,000 Christ...


Daily Prayer - Friday 16 May 2014

Our brothers and sisters in Syria continue to be in intense danger. On 8 January, a Christian man was beheaded by Islamists after they noticed the cross necklace he was wearing. Fadi Matanius Mattah (...


Daily Prayer - Thursday 15 May 2014

“Ovidio was very brave, and was famous in his community. We are shocked by what happened. Christians have the right to vote. Why are Islamists attacking us?” Ovidio Marandy, a young Christian man in t...


Daily Prayer - Wednesday 14 May 2014

Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan could be under even greater threat from the country’s “blasphemy laws” following a ruling by the Federal Shariat Court (FSC). It has said that the option of life i...

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    Daily prayer

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    • Give thanks that the authorities in Egypt are pursuing justice for the Christian community following widespread violence against them by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood last summer. Christians were scapegoated by the Islamists for the downfall of President Mohammed Morsi. On 14 August, mobs torched scores of churches, Christian institutions and private property in what was described as the worst single day of violence against the Egyptian Church since the 14th century. Over 100 Muslims have been charged in connection with the attacks; at the time of writing they were due to stand trial for rioting, attacking citizens and targeting the churches and homes of Christians. Pray that justice will be done and restitution made to churches and individuals who suffered material losses. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 16 hours ago

    • “I was so happy and treasure this Word of God. It brings me so much peace and hope.” Uu Dee KoMang, an elderly woman in Burma (Myanmar), was one of many Christians who recently received a Kachin Bible through Barnabas Fund. Two years ago the Burmese army entered her village and ordered everyone to leave within the hour. Uu Dee took some clothes and food and ran, but her Bible was too heavy to carry. Now living in a relocation camp, she regretted not taking it, until the Bibles from Barnabas arrived. Pray that God’s Word will comfort and strengthen these believers who have lost so much and will give them encouragement for the future. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Jul 2014 00:00

    • Pray for three Christian prisoners of conscience in Vietnam who are being denied access to Bibles and other sources of spiritual support. Prison guards in Hanoi and Thanh Hoa province have refused to allow Le Quoc Quan, a lawyer and activist, and bloggers Maria To Phong Tan and Paul Tran Minh Nhat to receive visits from their church leaders and have prevented them from receiving Communion. Maria is serving a ten-year prison sentence in a harsh labour camp; she has been beaten by other inmates. Pray that the Lord will sustain and build up the faith of our brothers and sister as they cry out to Him in their need (Psalm 142:6). Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sun, Jul 2014 00:00

    • Five ethnic Hmong Christian families in Vietnam have been attacked by their neighbours in attempts to get them to renounce their faith. On 26 February, Hang A Khua and his family were ordered to recant by public security officers, backed by around 30 villagers from Trun Phu in Dien Bien province; when they refused, the officers ordered the villagers to attack them. The mob ransacked and demolished the family’s house; their rice fields were confiscated, and they were expelled from the district. In Son La province, four more Christian families were similarly threatened in March. One couple were attacked in their home; they were kicked and punched, and the wife was dragged out of the house by her hair. Give thanks for these families’ courageous stand for Christ and pray that they will find strength in Him. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sat, Jul 2014 00:00

    • Pray for around 400 Christian families in the Con Dau area of Da Nang province in Vietnam whose homes have been demolished. The Christians were driven from their homes in a raid by police, security agents and the army at 7am on 27 March. The authorities have seized the land to build a luxury tourist resort; they decided in 2010 to destroy all the houses and the local cemetery used by the displaced Christians, who have been offered no adequate compensation or any help for resettlement. Pray that God will meet all their needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Fri, Jul 2014 00:00

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