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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Upda...


Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #30


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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #30

Country/Region: United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, United States, Canada

UK’s equality watchdog says Christians should have right to follow conscience


The UK's equality watchdog has determined that Christians should be given greater freedom to follow their beliefs in the workplace.


Christian teacher reprimanded in UK for explaining religion


A Christian teacher in the UK has been ordered by her school not to talk about religion after answering a child's question about the Muslim faith.




Islamists call for sharia in British “emirates”

A mosque on Ambler Street, Bradford. One of over 80 mosques in the city CC BY-SA 2.0 © Betty Longbottom

An Islamist group in Britain has called upon Muslims to create enclaves in major cities where sharia will one day be implemented.



Muslim prayers at Toronto school causes outcry

This 1982 Charter made school prayers optional in Canada CC BY 2.0 by Bitpicture

A school in Toronto, Canada, that is allowing imams to lead prayer sessions in its cafeteria has received strong criticism from parents and religious groups.

Virginia curriculum sidelines Christianity and promotes Islam

Flag of Virginia

The Virginia Board of Education promotes Islam while moving all other religions, including Christianity, into the background, according to the Richmond Political Buzz Examiner.




Second Australian state moves to implement veil law

Western Australia Police will have new powers under the proposed law
CC BY-SA 3.0 by Brian Jenkins

The state of Western Australia is considering a law that would require a woman wearing a burqa to remove it when requested by police.




Australia’s Muslim leaders want sharia, survey shows

Flag of Australia
GFDL by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Australia's Islamic leaders want sharia to be implemented in the country, a survey has revealed.




News in brief

Iran attacks BBC programme on Muhammad

Iran’s minister of cultural and Islamic guidance has attacked the BBC documentary series, The Life of Muhammad, saying that the “enemy” was attempting to “ruin Muslims’ sanctity”.

The three-part series commenced on 11 July and has been drawing increasing criticism from senior figures in Iran, who before watching the programme threatened to take serious action if “suspicions are proved to be correct .”

Read The Guardian article - Iran attacks BBC for documentary series on life of prophet Muhammad

Radical preacher completes tour of Ireland

Bilal Philips, a radical preacher who was refused entry to the UK by Home Secretary Theresa May and banned from entering Germany, has completed a tour of the Republic of Ireland.

When Philips addressed students of the Islamic Online University in June, his hosts included the Islamic Foundation of Ireland, the organisation responsible for certifying Irish halal meat exports and over 100 Subway halal restaurants in the UK.

In one of his books, Philips says "un-Islamic government must be sincerely hated and despised". Operation Nehemiah recently revealed that he was linked to a major dawa campaign for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Operation Nehemiah Prayer
  • Pray that Christian teachers will be able to make a stand for Christ without the fear of being silenced. Pray that Christians will have the freedom to be able to give an answer to everyone who asks the reason for the hope that they have (1 Peter 3:15), regardless of the consequences.
  • Pray that Christians in the USA and other Western nations will challenge the apparent reduction of Christian values and history in education. Pray that the significant contribution that Christianity has made in the West will not be sidelined for the sake of political correctness or pressure to promote Islam.
  • Pray that Christians in Muslim-populated areas such as Bradford, Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets will be an effective witness. Pray that more Muslims in these areas will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and that the pressure for sharia-compliant “emirates” will fail.
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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #30


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  • Christians driven out of Maaloula by Islamist rebels long to return after its recapture by the Syrian army 6 hours ago

  • Islamic parties make unexpected gains in Indonesian elections Wed, Apr 2014 16:46

  • Former counter-terrorism chief to lead inquiry into alleged Islamist takeover of Birmingham schools Tue, Apr 2014 17:01

  • Condemned Christian mother Aasia Bibi's appeal hearing- set for today- deferred for third time in Pakistan Mon, Apr 2014 16:03

  • "We should stand up against persecution of Christians" David Cameron in Easter speech Thu, Apr 2014 16:53

Daily prayer

Daily prayer_icon
  • Cry out to the Lord for Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) who have been driven from their homes by the violence that has engulfed their country. Attacks by Islamist Séléka militants and retaliation from “anti-balaka” militias has generated a huge humanitarian crisis in which around two million people, many of them Christians, are in need of emergency assistance. Give thanks for the work of Barnabas partners who have been providing food rations to hundreds of displaced believers in the capital, Bangui, and distributing food, medicines, clothing and seeds to thousands in various regions. Pray that the aid will reach those who need it most, and that the Lord will comfort the relatives and friends of the thousands who have been killed in the fighting. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 23 hours ago

  • “Jesus Christ performed tremendous miracles in all our lives through this Shalom Camp.” A pastor spoke of how God had worked through a Barnabas-sponsored weekend Bible camp for persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka. The camp was attended by believers from five different churches that had been the target of threats or attacks by Buddhist or Hindu extremists. The participants heard teaching on the Biblical basis for persecution and took part in group discussions; they came away refreshed and encouraged, and for many the camp was a time of great spiritual renewal. Give thanks to the Lord for the peace He has brought to these persecuted believers, and ask that the weekend will continue to bear much fruit in their lives. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Wed, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Pray for a church leader in Sri Lanka, S.S. Johnpillai, who was threatened at gunpoint by attackers who claimed to be Special Forces officers. The minister was in a hut next to his church building in Guadalupe, Trincomolee when, he said, the men “appeared out of nowhere”. The intruders put a gun to Johnpillai’s head and accused him of holding a Communion service in honour of the founder of the Tamil Tigers, the government’s opponents in the country’s long and bloody civil war. The government had that day made it a criminal offence to commemorate the group. The gunmen ignored Johnpillai’s protests that he had not dedicated Communion to the group’s founder, and they threatened to shoot him. Ask the Lord to support and strengthen Johnpillai as he recovers from this terrifying ordeal. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Lift up to the Lord persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka, where at least 65 anti-Christian incidents took place during 2013, including repeat attacks on several believers and their property in October 2013. However, a Sri Lankan government minister from a Buddhist nationalist party denied the accounts, saying that they might be “made up”. The minister claimed that Sri Lankans are “one family … trying to live together after a long civil war”. Pray that the Sri Lankan government will recognise the danger that our brothers and sisters face from militant Buddhists and that the authorities will provide effective protection for vulnerable Christians. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Condemned Christian mother Aasia Bibi’s final appeal hearing is scheduled to take place tomorrow (14 April) having been deferred twice. She was sentenced to death for blasphemy in November 2010 having been falsely accused of insulting Muhammad following an argument with Muslim co-workers. Aasia has been languishing in jail since the accusation was made in June 2009. Pray that her appeal will finally go ahead and that the judges will have the courage to acquit and release Aasia; there are concerns that they may give in to pressure from hardline Islamists who have been calling for her execution. Pray that Aasia, her husband and children will know the Lord’s peace as they await the verdict. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sun, Apr 2014 00:00

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