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10/07/2013Middle East and North Africa, Syria News Article, Threats/Attacks Against People, Political Change/Unrest Preview
10/07/2013South and East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Iran, Myanmar, Burma, Sri Lanka News in Brief, News Article Preview
08/07/2013South and East Asia, Pakistan News Article, Religious Freedom, Legal Issues/Legislation Preview
08/07/2013Europe, Belarus News Article, Actions by the Authorities, Legal Issues/Legislation, Religious Freedom Preview
04/07/2013Egypt, Middle East and North Africa News Article, Analysis, Political Change/Unrest Preview
04/07/2013Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Egypt News/Appeal, Humanitarian crises/needs, Political Change/Unrest Preview
02/07/2013Vietnam, South and East Asia News Article, Threats/Attacks Against People, Attacks on Property, Actions by the Authorities, Religious Freedom Preview
02/07/2013South and East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Somalia, Iraq, India, Indonesia News in Brief, News Article Preview
01/07/2013AFGHANISTAN Indexed PDF  
28/06/2013Middle East and North Africa, Syria Humanitarian crises/needs, News/Appeal, Threats/Attacks Against People, Attacks on Property Preview
28/06/2013Iran, Middle East and North Africa News Article, Analysis, Political Change/Unrest, Religious Freedom Preview
25/06/2013Sri Lanka, South and East Asia Attacks on Property, News Article, Religious Freedom, Threats/Attacks Against People Preview
24/06/2013South and East Asia, Pakistan News Article, Threats/Attacks Against People, Actions by the Authorities Preview
24/06/2013Nigeria, Africa News Article, Threats/Attacks Against People, Attacks on Property Preview
24/06/2013South and East Asia, Indonesia, Lao, People's Democratic Republic, India News in Brief, News Article Preview
21/06/2013United Kingdom News Article Preview
20/06/2013South and East Asia, Sri Lanka Humanitarian crises/needs, Project Update, News/Appeal Preview
20/06/2013Pakistan, South and East Asia Analysis, News Article, Political Change/Unrest Preview
19/06/2013Tanzania, Africa, Kenya News Article, Attacks on Property, Threats/Attacks Against People Preview
19/06/2013 Prayer Booklets  
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    • The landslide victory of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India’s general election in May sparked alarm for Christians and other minorities in the country. The BJP is the political wing of a Hindu nationalist movement, Hindutva, which is striving to make India a religiously pure nation. It has given support to Hindu extremist groups that attack Christians, and states under the party’s rule have generally experienced a rise in anti-Christian violence. The BJP has introduced “anti-conversion” laws in a number of states, which are used to prevent legitimate Christian evangelism. Prior to the general election, the BJP pledged to introduce national legislation to curb “missionary” activity and end proselytising if elected. Pray that the BJP will rule justly and that the rights and freedoms of all Indian citizens will be upheld. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 54 minutes ago

    • Pray for Christians in Sri Lanka facing attacks from Buddhist extremists, who have forced the closure of numerous churches. In an apparently positive move, the government has created a Religious Disputes Unit to address conflicts between different groups and combat attempts to create religious discord. But many Christians and Muslims believe that Buddhist extremists are allowed to operate with impunity and that the new unit will not solve the problems faced by non-Buddhists. A cap on the building of places of worship has also been announced, and this seems to serve the Buddhist lobby, which is opposed to expanding Christian activity. Pray for protection for Christian congregations and that their ministry and mission will not be further impeded. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Fri, Sep 2014 00:00

    • Cry out to the Lord for Alexis Prem Kumar, a 47-year-old Christian minister from India who was abducted in Afghanistan on 2 June. No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, but three Taliban militants have been arrested in connection with it. Alexis had worked for an NGO in Afghanistan since 2011, helping returning refugees. He was leaving a school near Herat for Afghan children who have recently returned from Iran or Pakistan when he was seized. Give thanks for Alexis’ willingness to serve the Lord in what remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians, and pray for his safe return. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Thu, Sep 2014 00:00

    • The case of an Egyptian Christian man arrested following complaints by Muslim neighbours that he had been using his home as a church without a permit highlights the need of the Christian community for more places of worship. The 55-year-old man from Minya in Upper Egypt, where Christians are particularly vulnerable to persecution, was arrested once before, in 2011, for the same offence. Every church building in Egypt requires a permit, but these are notoriously difficult to obtain. Pray that the authorities will show leniency to the Christian man and that a provision in the new constitution addressing the issue of church buildings will be enacted. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Sep 2014 00:00

    • Kidnapping for ransom has been a persistent problem for the Christian community in Egypt amid the political upheaval and instability following the “Arab Spring” revolution of 2011. On 14 June, Wadie Ramses, a well-known surgeon, was seized in El-Arish. The assailants opened fire on his vehicle and took him away wounded. They later demanded a ransom of ten million Egyptian Pounds (£800,000; US$1.4 million) for his release. Two days later, Christian merchant Gemal Shenouda was captured near his home in the same city. It is thought that Islamic militants with links to al-Qaeda, who have been behind escalating violence in the Sinai region, are responsible for the kidnappings. Pray for the safe return of our two Christian brothers and that they and their families will know the Lord’s peace. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Sep 2014 00:00

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