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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Upda...


Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #6


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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #6

Country/Region: United Kingdom

"Halal is for everyone" - World Halal Forum

Video reveals campaign to conquer global market

The global halal industry is shifting into high gear to expand its market in the non-Muslim world as part of a broader mission to Islamise the West.

A video produced by the World Halal Forum
To watch it click here

A video produced by the World Halal Forum, which exists to oversee and develop the halal industry, promotes a wide range of sharia-compliant products including food, medicine, cosmetics, finance and travel.

Highlighting the profitability of halal as a £500billion industry, the five-minute promotional video indicates that many leading non-Muslim states, including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and China, are already realising its money-making potential. It unashamedly states that "halal is for everyone", and points to a possible market of 7.5 billion consumers.

Although the video appears to address only commercial interests, it contains a more ominous sub-text. The promotion of halal products is a tool of Islamic mission (dawa) designed to Islamise the non-Muslim world by bringing it under the authority of sharia law.

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Operation Nehemiah calls upon the Government for freedom to choose non-halal products

An open letter has been sent to the Government expressing Operation Nehemiah's concern over the imposition of halal across Britain. In the letter to Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Dr Patrick Sookhdeo raises concern over the massive growth of sharia-compliant products for everyone regardless of their faith and often without consumers being informed or consulted. DEFRA is the governmental department responsible for legislation on slaughtering (including halal), animal welfare and food labelling regulations. Click here to view the open letter to Caroline Spelman MP

Halal Petition - Your help please


In the first two weeks since we launched the petition online, 5,500 people have recorded their support. Operation Nehemiah would like to thank everyone who has joined us so far in speaking out about the current halal controversy. We invite you to send the halal petition link to your family and friends and encourage them to also sign it. In addition to the online facility, a paper version of the petition is now available to download, print and share.

PDF version of the petition here.

"Not Ashamed" Day


The official launch of the "Not Ashamed" campaign on 1 December has attracted huge media interest. Christian Concern hope that this will be the beginning of a new, robust national debate about the place of the Christian faith in modern Britain, in which Christians will be able to speak clearly of the ongoing validity and value of the Christian foundation of our nation.

Read Christian Concern - Not ashamed day report

Other News in brief

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Britain's towns put lights out for Nativity

Many towns and cities across Britain have once again opted for Christmas lights with secular themes for fear of offending non-Christians. Some councils have deliberately avoided Nativity scenes, preferring swans, umbrellas and reality TV stars, and have continued to observe Diwali and the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha despite the festivals' having finished. Conservative MP Philip Davies has accused local authorities of being "obsessed with not offending anyone", adding, "It's ridiculous that Christianity is being sidelined."

Read Daily Mail article

"War on Christmas is over" says Government minister

Council chiefs have been urged by the Government to celebrate the "Christian basis" of Christmas. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said "We should actively celebrate the Christian basis of Christmas, and not allow politically correct Grinches to marginalise Christianity and the importance of the birth of Christ. The war on Christmas is over, and likes of Winterval, Winter Lights and Luminous deserve to be in the dustbin of history."

Read Daily Express article

Australia: Political leaders push back secularisation of Christmas

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed a return to commonsense by political leaders who are pushing back against politically correct attempts to secularise Christmas. The idea that nativity scenes should be banned in Centrelink and Medicare offices has been overruled by the Minister for Human Services and Social Inclusion. ACL also commended new Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, for restoring nativity scenes and carol singing in Victoria's schools.

Read full Christian Today Australia article

Operation Nehemiah Prayer
  • Please pray that Operation Nehemiah's letter to DEFRA will be effective in challenging the imposition of halal food and defending the public's right to choose not to eat it.
  • Continue to pray that Operation Nehemiah's halal petition will be instrumental in blocking the rapid growth of the halal market and its attempt to Islamise the non-Muslim world by bringing it under the authority of sharia law.
  • Pray that more Members of Parliament will make a stand by expressing concern about the marginalisation of Christianity in public Christmas celebrations. Pray that more local authorities will recognise the Christian heritage of this country and the importance of the birth of Christ.
  • Continue to pray that the Not Ashamed campaign, which launched on Wednesday 1 December, will impact the nation as Christians stand together to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only hope for the UK.


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Operation Nehemiah: News and Prayer Update #6


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  • On this Good Friday, give thanks to God for the death of Christ and for His gift of eternal life. Praise Him too for the example of those Christians who have persevered in their faith at the risk of their lives and who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. Pray that their martyrdom will inspire their suffering brothers and sisters in Christ to endure whatever hardships befall them and will convince their persecutors of the truth and power of the Gospel. Pray too that their bereaved families and churches will not grieve without hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 22 hours ago

  • Cry out to the Lord for Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) who have been driven from their homes by the violence that has engulfed their country. Attacks by Islamist Séléka militants and retaliation from “anti-balaka” militias has generated a huge humanitarian crisis in which around two million people, many of them Christians, are in need of emergency assistance. Give thanks for the work of Barnabas partners who have been providing food rations to hundreds of displaced believers in the capital, Bangui, and distributing food, medicines, clothing and seeds to thousands in various regions. Pray that the aid will reach those who need it most, and that the Lord will comfort the relatives and friends of the thousands who have been killed in the fighting. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Thu, Apr 2014 00:00

  • “Jesus Christ performed tremendous miracles in all our lives through this Shalom Camp.” A pastor spoke of how God had worked through a Barnabas-sponsored weekend Bible camp for persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka. The camp was attended by believers from five different churches that had been the target of threats or attacks by Buddhist or Hindu extremists. The participants heard teaching on the Biblical basis for persecution and took part in group discussions; they came away refreshed and encouraged, and for many the camp was a time of great spiritual renewal. Give thanks to the Lord for the peace He has brought to these persecuted believers, and ask that the weekend will continue to bear much fruit in their lives. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Wed, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Pray for a church leader in Sri Lanka, S.S. Johnpillai, who was threatened at gunpoint by attackers who claimed to be Special Forces officers. The minister was in a hut next to his church building in Guadalupe, Trincomolee when, he said, the men “appeared out of nowhere”. The intruders put a gun to Johnpillai’s head and accused him of holding a Communion service in honour of the founder of the Tamil Tigers, the government’s opponents in the country’s long and bloody civil war. The government had that day made it a criminal offence to commemorate the group. The gunmen ignored Johnpillai’s protests that he had not dedicated Communion to the group’s founder, and they threatened to shoot him. Ask the Lord to support and strengthen Johnpillai as he recovers from this terrifying ordeal. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Lift up to the Lord persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka, where at least 65 anti-Christian incidents took place during 2013, including repeat attacks on several believers and their property in October 2013. However, a Sri Lankan government minister from a Buddhist nationalist party denied the accounts, saying that they might be “made up”. The minister claimed that Sri Lankans are “one family … trying to live together after a long civil war”. Pray that the Sri Lankan government will recognise the danger that our brothers and sisters face from militant Buddhists and that the authorities will provide effective protection for vulnerable Christians. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Apr 2014 00:00

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