Kenya Coronavirus (COVID-19) 19 March-11 April 2020

From six fulltime Christian workers

  1. In south-west Kenya

19 March: “It is true this Coronavirus issue will affect the world economy, all will feel the effect, the affected and infected. The challenge now in Kenya is they are closing the markets, but some eat from the markets, they sell and buy food on a daily basis. The nature of work that most of us are doing for a living cannot be done from the house.
It is a big challenge, now they are saying even Churches to be closed, and all people to stay at home, the dead to be buried within 48 hours, with only immediate family members attending the burial. Wedding if a must then at most 10 people to attend in total including officiating minister, and to be done within 30 minutes. We are praying that all will comply to reduce the rate of infection. Praying.”

26 March: “Pray with us. Life is becoming too expensive as markets are being closed. Tuition is now being done online. The cost of public transport is now double as they are forced to carry less people for matatu [minibus]; 14-seater now they are forced to carry 8 to maintain some space between the passengers. Pray with us, we are praying with you.”

27 March: “In Kenya now we have a curfew from 7:00pm to 5:00am. 
We are praying that God will give us ways to mitigate the challenges which are brought by this virus. Many people in our country will not have salaries next month, many will not have their daily bread, the rate of crime will be higher, our social support system will be wanting, the cost of education will be higher, as now some learning are being offered online, the cost of running the orphanages will be higher, we have to think and plan for family reintegration where possible, and reduction on the number of staff.  Praying and trusting in the Lord to renew our strength.”

31 March: “Today watching our local news - many are crying for their daily bread and house rent. The situation here is both sad and pathetic; three people have died of police beating, as they were found out after 7:00pm. We have a curfew from 7:00pm to 5:00am, and those found out at this time receive a thorough beating from the police. Very sad. 

“Many are saying they can't sit and die in the house of hunger, they better go out and die of Coronavirus. Value your prayers.
“Looking at it logically it is complex as some businesses only do well in the evening between 7pm to 9pm. Many factories are laying off their workers. We need God to help us. To make it more sad again, it is raining again so heavy, flooding farms, sweeping away bridges, and destroying houses, but now people cannot live in camps. We need God. May the Lord be our strength in this time of trouble according to His Word in Psalms 37:39. We need God more, now, than before.” 

2 April: “It is sad that the police have killed five young people as they are enforcing the curfew.  Value your prayers.
“We have started to feel the impact as markets are closed and the cost of food has gone up.  We are now seeing clearly our human limitation, and many are now turning to God in prayers. We need the help of God.
“Many farms have been swept away, houses destroyed, and some families displaced. 
Pray with us, we are still keeping the two girls, as the court sittings are on a go slow.
Thanks for your prayers.”

8 April: “I am at home, but am getting phone calls, and visitors, with one main question ‘Pastor we need your help, we need food.’ As usual saying am praying with them, to them this means a promise for help. Pray with us.
“The situation here is not good, the police are beating people to death. Yesterday they killed one person, now total six. Domestic [violence] too is on the increase. The other day a wife killed a husband over a plate of ugali [maize porridge], very sad.
Praying with you as you pray with us.”

9 April: “… am having a big challenge. Usually we use what we have for food and paying staff in the school, then we collect fees and replace, it has been working. But this time the school was closed abruptly and many parents had not cleared the first term balance, some had promised to pay by month end, which never was The truth is we are in a crisis, so are many private schools.
“As you have said, it will take some time for the world to get up financially. 
“Our hope is in the Risen Lord as you have said, it is good He rose, He is living, we have a living Hope. We are not living a life without Hope.
“We pray. There is looming hunger, as even the weather is not friendly to us. Last few days too much rain, now hot sun. Praying.”

11 April: “We had a family Good Friday meeting, and prayed for all, all over the world, realising that many poor families all over the world are highly vulnerable to any economic shocks, as they are unable to even think of about their financial future.
At a time like this many poor people are the first to get laid off in their places of employment, yet they have fewer resources to survive, resulting in crime, and domestic violence. Very sad. God help us.
“Hearing what is happening in other African countries, the problem is big and real. Only God can help in His own way, for His honour and glory.
“Today alone a man walked into my compound in need of 500 Kenyan shillings [£3.75; US$4.75; €4.30) for his tooth to be removed, but after a close talk he needed food more than tooth removal.
The challenge is worldwide; our cry to God to help us.”​

2. In Nairobi

31 March: “The situation in is not good. The government has issued a curfew from 7pm 5am. We are currently meeting in houses for worship.”
1 April: “This problem has come at a time when our economy is down, and hospitals are lacking medicine. But our trust is in him, whether we die or live we belong to him. Let us keep on encouraging one another with such like messages as wait upon his coming.”

3. In western Kenya

5 April: “Just a request that we are going through this a very hard time, my wife and I with our children have been not well for some time, until now the youngest still not well. We have spent in use all of our support. By now we have nothing to buy food. We are requesting just for any emergency please, if possible. Thanks and God bless you all, Amen.”

4. In western Kenya

6 April: “We are in self quarantine, in our house, due to the Corona virus. The government have sent security forces to force people to stay home. To get food is the problem. And if you get food the prices have gone higher. People have taken advantage of the situation. We don't know what the government is doing to make sure that people get food to survive when staying home. The government has started deduction of a certain percentage of employees’ salaries. No solution from the government of how to care for the people. I have also received calls from two elders of two different Assemblies and have said brethren are affected since they have nowhere to go. Pray with us so that God open ways of helping the Assembly members some of whom are widows left with children. We understand the situation around the world and the effects. Let us pray for one another.”

5. In western Kenya

8 April: “Here things are a bit difficult. We need your prayers. We are having our families in the house but to find food is becoming hard. We are aware that this is global pandemic but to Kenyans we need a miracle.

6. In south-west Kenya

23 March: “Kindly remember us in prayer. I have ten people and one orphan very sick. God bless you as you consider my humble cry.
24 March: Kindly remember us in prayers We are in a critical condition as corona virus is in Kenya. All churches have been closed, no markets.
3 April: Here things are worse, no business, nothing at all. Is there any way you can help us? We are in a critical condition. Remember us in prayer. 
7 April: Our government today has announced lockdown - no going out, no markets. Kindly the situation is very tough. We need your support and prayers.