Rwanda Coronavirus (COVID-19) 8 April 2020

From a pastor

We are at home as we think about covid 19, as we commemorate for the 26th year after the Genocide and also as we go through the Holy Week. It is a mixture of feelings… We have now around 100 cases, and 7 people have recovered and sent back home. Voices are saying that the worse is yet to come for Africa, but it seems that we are not panicking. I personally try to keep all necessary preventive measures and encouraging people to do so and leave the rest to God. We try to share food with those who lost their jobs. We are all afraid that the financial crisis will be severe and yes it will, but God will make a way where it seems to be no way for us. We encourage you to go through this period with trust that God is in control and that either we live or die, we belong to Him and nothing will separate us from His love. For those who love Holy Scriptures consider Romans 8:35-39, and Psalm 121.