Uganda Coronavirus (COVID-19) 22 April 2020

From the chairman of a network of pastors

“In our Mission we have a network of 70 and above pastors we train, but out of them 47 Pastors live in the slums of Katwe, Nsambya , and in Ndejje around Kampala, who do not know what to eat next when they get lunch or supper. In this time of lockdown, these pastors suffer a lot because they have been depending on the little people bring as offerings in churches and as we talk now they are seriously suffering of hunger. Even those who worked they depended on day to day work for a living, and they are no longer working because of lockdown. They have families and other responsibilities; those who have relatives outside the city can’t travel to villages because cars are not allowed to move. Ever since the lockdown started on the 18th March of this year these people have not got any assistance from the government or anywhere, which incident forced us to look for where support may come from.”