Indonesia Coronavirus (COVID-19) 6 April 2020

Yogyakarta, Java 

About a Sunday School teacher

“This is Tika. She is a Sunday school teacher living in Yogyakarta. Tika is married and has a child and her life is very simple. She has a small income from her job but she felt God was calling her to help her neighbors around her house, many of whom have lost their jobs or their income has been greatly reduced due to difficult economic conditions caused by this outbreak.

“She puts out baskets of basic necessities such as rice, instant noodles, eggs etc. She calls it "The Basket of Solidarity". Everyone who has difficulty getting food that day may take as needed while not forgetting to leave some for others who also need it.

“Besides that, those who are able to contribute can put their donations in this basket of solidarity to bless those in need.”