Uzbekistan Coronavirus (COVID-19) 21 April 2020 – an update from Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network

From a pastor

“Not long ago there was a video conference call by the president. At this meeting, he gave a decree and asked all who have their land to fully use the land and need to sow as much as possible. He also asked the big farmers to do the maximum sowing. A law also came out that farmers who do not use their land for sowing will be fined. In addition, the head of state instructed all officials to assist farmers so that they have everything that they can sow.

“Now the news says that the country has a supply of food. And even in supermarkets they delivered many food with bags so that people would not fall into a panic. Prices for some food went up a bit.

“There are several organizations that should help people. Anyone in need can call and ask for help. But it is very difficult to get through the numbers that are shown in advertisements on TV. Not long ago, the elderly parents of one [Christian] brought home 3 kg of potatoes, 30 eggs, 1 liter of sunflower oil, 2 kg of onions, 3 kg of pasta.

“When the closure of churches was announced, many Christians did not know what to do. Then, experience began to be worked out gradually. Installed the Zoom program and asked everyone to be able to install this program. It was very difficult because most people did not know how to install it. We called everyone and helped install. They also called everyone and gave instructions on how to work with this program. Then pastors began to broadcast channels of the meeting on YouTube through the Zoom. In this way, we conducted the pre-Easter prayer services and the Easter worship… Not everyone can participate in the Zoom; therefore, we simultaneously use telegrams and other applications to cover everyone as much as possible. In this Easter Sunday meeting, several pastors from the regions joined the meeting to congratulate the church and share the Word. One pastor went with his family 3 km to another family where the Internet is stable in order to participate in the Easter service with us. Not everyone can participate in online meetings. Some parishioners in villages have old-style push-button telephones that do not support video programs. But who has such an opportunity, they help each other.

“We develop prayer services, Sunday services, online teachings and fellowship. Many Christians … help each other and unbelieving neighbors and acquaintances. People through this see the Light and Love of Christ.”