Barnabas supporters have rescued 2,387 Syrian and Iraqi Christians

Iraq, Syria

01/04/2017 17:00

PRAISE BE TO GOD! Thanks to the generosity of Barnabas supporters, by October 2017, Barnabas Aid’s Operation Safe Havens had rescued and resettled 2,387 Syrian and Iraqi Christians across the globe.

A joyful reunion: Christian Syrians arrive at Melbourne, Australia
A joyful reunion: Christian Syrians arrive at Melbourne, Australia

One bloody day in November

Elie, a Syrian Christian, recalls, “My two children, my wife and I fled Syria on a bloody day, in November 2014, heading to Lebanon to find a shelter protecting my family. It was very hard to get out of the city as the armed people [rebels] were all over, preventing anyone from leaving especially by car. Finally, we got to Lebanon and spent the night at my friend’s rented unit, tried to sleep and forget the terrible situation we were in.”

Barnabas Aid was, in the meanwhile, planning a rescue operation to save Christian families who wanted to escape from the genocides occurring in Syria and Iraq and start new lives in safe countries. Operation Safe Havens was launched in mid-2015 when 47 Syrian Christian families – 157 people in all – were safely relocated to Poland to start new lives.

Safe from the rockets, bombs and fear

Elie continues, “I started doing labour work to earn our living and suffered the costly living in Lebanon. We got the Australian visa in April 2016 after a long waiting and suffering. The problem was how to afford our flight tickets.We had been praying to God day and night until the big miracle happened and Barnabas Aid offered the crucial help, they booked the tickets and gave us the opportunity to get to Australia and have a good start and a safe life far from rockets, bombs and fears.”

Operation Safe Havens rescuing Christians from the Middle East. Here a family is reunited in Australia
Operation Safe Havens rescuing Christians from the Middle East. Here a family is reunited in Australia

“Be a safe place for those on the run from the killing fields” (Isaiah 16:4)

Since the launch of Operation Safe Havens over 2 years ago, Barnabas Aid has safely settled 2,387 Middle Eastern Christians in Australia (2,137), Poland (160), the Czech Republic (81), Canada (5) and Brazil (4). Yet, with the sheer scale of the humanitarian disaster happening today in the Middle East – over 1.2 million Christians have fled Iraq, for example – there are countless others who desperately need help. Whether they are struggling to survive in their homes, internally displaced in their homelands, refugees in neighbouring countries, or wanting to leave the region altogether, Barnabas Aid is on the ground making a difference.

Elie concludes, “We are currently living a normal life in Australia, managing all our affairs, and planning for a bright, lovely future for our kids. May the Lord bless Barnabas Aid and all supporters who make good and give life the best values and ethics.”

Will you help a Christian family, like Elie’s, start a new life?

$740 could fly one Christian from the Middle East to Australia

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What is Operation Safe Havens?

Barnabas Aid has launched Operation Safe Havens to rescue Christians in danger and to resettle them with dignity.

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