Nigeria Coronavirus (COVID-19) 20 April 2020 – An Update From Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network

Abia State, south-eastern Nigeria

From a theological training institution

“Since the pandemic emerged and started its threatening spread at the beginning of the farming season here in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, which is also experiencing high temperature of about 34-37 degrees centigrade in the days, prospects for meaningful harvest looks very gloomy.

“Given this gloomy prospect for harvest, food security is obviously not guaranteed, unless there is a divine intervention that can help our people to save and judiciously utilize the needed strength for farming: the bulks of the farm works are done manually

“Our Federal (national) Government claims to be giving palliatives to the poorest of the poor (which most people including this author have serious doubts on) but this has not in any way reached the South eastern Nigeria ... Our Abia State Government purportedly gave out palliatives to churches which cannot give an average family of about 3-4persons up to US$10 in all.

“Churches and seminaries are completely closed down albeit, members are encouraged to hold family fellowships in their homes…

“The afore-mentioned and other challenges to the Church notwithstanding, a majority of Christians are holding on to their faith in Jesus Christ.”