Nigeria Coronavirus (COVID-19) 30 March 2020 (2) – An Update From Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network


From a pastor

“Last week, my church packaged food items (rice, beans, cooking oil) in three different locations in Lagos for households in need. Some members who have more than enough volunteered to help those who are less privileged. But we could only do this once as the government declared total lock-down today for the next two weeks.

  • We have asked families to stay at home on Sundays, when we send sermons to them to be used for worship services, including Whatsapp group to share messages.
  • Those who are not on the internet or without smartphones were sent text messages. We are also trying visual aid…
  • In some areas, we are having online devotionals holding thrice daily: 8am, 2pm, and 9pm. Offer for data transfers is open for those without data but very mimimal…
  • Majority of our people in Lagos/Nigeria lives on daily income which makes lock-down an economic burden without palliatives. Some have stopped paying tithes as a result of the pandemic since there is virtually zero income for their families.”