South Sudan Coronavirus (COVID-19) 1 April 2020


From the principal of a theological college

  1. “Harvest and crops- how is it looking for the year? It is looking bad due to desert locust swarm which is ravaging the East African region currently. It is already affecting agricultural products in South Sudan.
  2. In regard to food security, South Sudan is already food insecure even before eruption of Corona virus due to insecurity in the country and many internally displaced citizens living in UN protection of civilian camps (POCs). Now food insecurity is intensified by emergence of Corona virus which let to closure of the country's borders with the neighbors.
  3. Corona virus action- What is our government doing? And how does this affect me, and other Christians especially the poorest Christians? South Sudan government has put in place a number of preventive measures against Corona Virus; first it banned/suspended social gatherings including schools and church worship services for four weeks effective from March 20 to April 20/20. Second the government closed the country's borders to all the neighboring countries except for food cargoes. Third the government declared curfew during night hours as from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Fourth, the government formed a high level task force to monitor the situation, informs and educates the public. Fifth and finally, the government reduced the number of daily working hours and put in place social distancing regulations. This affects me and other Christians spiritually due to suspension of church worship services and other activities. It affects especially the poorest Christians in a sense that there emerged some false preachers on social media who introduced superstitions such as drinking tea without sugar before sunset and searching for pieces of hair in the pages of the Bible, dipping them in water and drinking their water as circulated in the last four days.

    The poorest Christians are deprived from hearing the word of God which now could only be accessed either through social media, radio, or television.
  4. Challenges facing us spiritually include lack of attending church services and other spiritual activities such as Bible studies, group prayers and so forth.
  5. What is the threat to the church in my region? Already before eruption of Corona Virus existed a lot of false teachings in South Sudan. Now with Corona Virus these teachings are intensified like the two examples which I have given above. This is the main threat to the church in my region in addition to literacy and poverty which lead poor Christians to believe these teachings. I hope this update will be helpful to you brothers and sisters in Christ.”