Zimbabwe Coronavirus (COVID-19) 3 April 2020


From a church minster and evangelist

“The real issue on the ground is about food. Most of our people live from hand to mouth. So you work in the morning, you buy food in the evening. Everything locked up now… Security forces have closed down almost everything. Sometimes, when you are told to say indoors, you are forced by hunger. Whichever way, you are going to die, either by corona or by hunger. So people are starting to filter out, going into the streets, looking for food.  

“The few people who have access to some of the resources, they are charging exorbitantly, they have inflated the prices.  Like the other day, I just sneaked out to see what the situation was. Bread had gone up by almost 120% because they are taking advantage of the situation.

“So it is not so good for many of us in Zimbabwe.”