Kazakhstan Coronavirus (COVID-19) 8 July 2020

From a pastor

“Please pray for our country. After a 2-month quarantine, an outbreak of Covid-19 occurred incredibly sharply. The government was not ready for such a turn of affairs. Now the situation in the country is very complicated. In hospitals catastrophic lacks places and medicines for the sick. Many people have fear and panic. Every day, people die from pneumonia. Many doctors also became infected and died. My acquaintances Christians get sick and some suddenly die. Please pray with us:

1. For the government that God will give wisdom in these situations.

2. For God to stop corruption and bureaucracy at the government level. Up to this point, a lot of money has been allocated to combat Covid. But due to corruption, they were not spent as intended. On this common people suffer.

3. Pray for the Church for God to protect and preserve. So that the Church can effectively preach the gospel at this time.”