Feed Christians in Pakistan and help change their lives

5 August 2022

“God sees us. I believe he will give us a better life soon,” said “Parveen” to her despairing husband “Waris”. In 2014 Waris had been hit by a car, breaking his right arm and leg. He therefore lost his tailoring job and the family fell on very hard times. As the years passed, Waris’s mental anguish increased until he was almost ready to take his own life. But Parveen’s words gave him courage. Her faith was rewarded: Barnabas Aid’s project partners came to their village and selected Waris and Parveen to receive monthly food packages.

Barnabas Aid's monthly food parcel enabled “Waris” and “Parveen” to purchase a sewing machine and start Waris's own tailoring business  

Waris takes up the story, explaining how the food packages changed their lives. “With the grace of God we saved money … and purchased a sewing machine, iron and solar energy system on instalments.” Now Waris has his own small business, using his tailoring skills to support his family. He asks only for the food packages to continue until he has paid the last monthly instalment on his equipment. Then he will be self-sufficient. 

Feeding the neediest, transforming their futures

Barnabas Aid’s feeding programme in Pakistan is very simple but the impact is profound. Our project partners on the ground select the neediest Christian families and provide them with monthly food parcels. The typical contents are wheat flour, rice, chickpeas, lentils, tea, cooking oil, salt and spices, plus a few hygiene items such as soap and toothpaste.

For an average-sized family it is about half their food needs. But what a difference this makes! Now having a few rupees left over at the end of each month, the families begin to save up for things that can transform their lives. Some use their savings to buy items to start micro-businesses – sewing machines, like Waris, baby goats to rear and sell, or small grocery shops. When the families are economically independent, the food parcels can be shifted to help other families.

Can you help us to change the lives of impoverished Pakistani Christians with the provision of a monthly food parcel?

The food parcels also enable families to send their children to school, for now the family has enough money for education costs as well as buying their remaining food needs.  Many of the parents never had opportunity for education, but if their children are literate, the better earnings, when grown up, lift the whole family out of degrading poverty to a dignified and bearable existence.

Will you feed them? Will you give them peace, joy and hope?

Barnabas Aid is currently feeding 1,208 very poor Christian families in Pakistan, that is, about 6,000 Christians.

The typical cost of a monthly food parcel is just £20 ($27; €25).

Please help our suffering brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

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